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Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Pricing Pillar 6: Standard Rate Card

We’ve been awarded GoProposal’s Clear & Transparent pricing award because we put you at the centre of our pricing strategy

This means that:

  1. We have an objective pricing structure

  2. Everyone’s price is based on the same rate card

  3. We can quote you a price there and then during our meeting

So what does that mean for you?,,,

An objective pricing structure means you can be confident that we’re basing our fees on facts and logic

We know what it’s like to be quoted a price when you feel like it’s based on how much the other party thinks they can get out of you.

We don’t base our fees on subjectivity, biases and judgement calls.

We make our process clear and transparent, so that you can trust that you’ll be paying a fee that’s fair and easy to understand.

All of our clients’ fees are based on a standard rate card

We don’t apply different prices to different clients for the same services.

We don’t discount our services to some clients but not others, and we don’t manipulate our prices based on how much we think we can get you to pay.

We think that’s unfair, and it’s not a great way to do business.

Clearly the type and level of service will vary from one client to another, depending on the options we’ve agreed to include in your package.

But the underlying price list we use is the same in all cases.

That gives you the peace of mind that we’re not trying to rip you off or charge over the odds because we think we can get away with it.

And it helps to build and maintain trust throughout the time we work together.

We use some nifty software to construct your package of services, calculate the price, and generate a proposal

You deserve to know how much you’ll be paying for our services, what that number has been calculated based on, and be told promptly so that you can make a decision.

Using software means we can create quotes and proposals quickly and efficiently, before your very eyes.

This means you’re not waiting for hours, days, or even weeks to find out how much it’ll cost you.

We simply fill in a set of inputs (such as the number of transactions we’ll be processing, how many staff you have on your payroll, and how often you want to meet with us) and the tool produces a price and a proposal at the push of a button.

If there are optional, or decisions need to be made, we can make any tweaks on the fly, and the price will update in real time.

You’ll find out while we’re there in the room (or the Zoom) with you, and it’ll be in your inbox before we’ve closed the lid on the laptop.

We don’t negotiate, strike deals, or offer discounts

We don’t blame you for asking for any of the above, but the answer will always be a respectful ‘no’.


  1. By reducing our prices, we’re ultimately going to compromise the level of service that we’re able to deliver to you in the long term

  2. We want to charge you enough so that we’re able to give you the level of service that you’re willing to pay for

  3. It’s not fair on other clients if everyone is paying different prices for the same set of services. We want to show everyone the same level of mutual respect.

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