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Updated: Jul 28, 2021

Pricing Pillar 2: Always Agreed In Advance

Our fees are agreed with you up front

We’ll give you a proposal which breaks down exactly how much you’ll be charged each month.

If the amount of work or type of services we’re going to give you changes, we will revise and agree a new proposal with you.

We don’t start work until we have a signed proposal from you to confirm you’ve understood and agreed to the work we’ll be doing and the amount we’ll be charging you for it.

Not agreeing fees in advance = a recipe for stress

When fees are not agreed in advance, you’re in the dark about how much you’ll end up paying.

That means every bill is a surprise bill, and as we discussed above, that’s not going to do anything for your stress-levels, or your ability to plan your finances.

Having a fee that’s open-ended leaves it open to manipulation. And we’ve noticed that when a professional quotes a fee range, it’s strange how the final amount is always towards the top end of that range.

We never bill you based on the time it’s taken us

We don’t believe that us billing you based on the time it’s taken us is in your best interests.

We much prefer to agree a fee with you in advance which stays fixed, no matter how much time we spend on delivering you the benefit.

There are rare occasions where our services are based on the time we invest in completing the work – but we believe it’s up to us to give you a price based on our best estimates, stick to it, and not then change it after the work is complete.

Billing after the work is done is not as helpful as you’d think

You’d think that being billed after the work is completed puts you in a better position, as you retain control of the payment until you decide the work is complete.

However there are a couple of drawbacks:

  1. It’s harder to plan your business’s cashflow when you don’t know when you’ll need to pay the bill

  2. It incentives you to leave things until the last possible moment. This actually increases the amount of stress as you approach the deadline

Our pledge: If you receive a ‘surprise’ bill from us – don’t pay it

We understand that receiving a bill you weren’t expecting (or a bill that you were expecting but had no idea how much it would be for) is really annoying to say the least.

So we offer a pledge that if you receive a bill from us that you weren’t expecting, and b) for an amount that hadn’t been agreed in advance – you don’t pay it.

That doesn’t mean… “you don’t have to pay it, but we’d appreciate it if you did please”.

No, it means you don’t pay it at all, ever.

That puts the onus on us to make sure we’re hitting the highest standards when it comes to our openness, transparency and communication with you.

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