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Must be good with numbers



What We Do

We believe that awesome, thriving, independent small businesses create better communities, a better society and a better planet.


Our purpose is to support small business owners by enabling them to create a business that delivers them more cash, more free time, and more enjoyment. Which together we call creating ‘more life’.


We’re a team of accountants offering Virtual Finance Director and coaching services, to bring a structured approach to supporting and growing  small businesses, and running their financial world.

How we work


We are a digital accountancy business, built for the 2020s. We were born in the cloud, and we live in the future.


Our company is designed & built so that our team can do most of our work from anywhere in the world that has access to electricity and an internet connection.


Our current team spans the UK, the Philippines, and India.


And we love rock and roll.


The Role

We want to offer you the opportunity to work for our small-but-awesome company as our new virtual Finance Manager.

You will be able to use your expert skills with numbers to support our Client Managers in making a profound difference to the lives of the small business owner-managers that we work with.

You will become a guru in a suite of state-of-the-art finance tools, apps and software - built on and around Xero cloud accounting software.


Training will be given in how we leverage this disruptive technology, enabling us to work super-efficiently and deliver huge amounts of value to our clients with little additional effort


We’re a friendly team that takes a progressive and forward-thinking approach to our work.


We are however very serious when it comes to high performance, continuous improvement and lifelong learning.


We’re on a mission to support you in becoming as awesome at your job as you want to be.

The Boss

Check out Rich’s LinkedIn profile here, and mini-bio on the website here.


Started the business on his mum’s dining room table back in 2017. Spent the last four years diligently designing and building the rocketship (mostly when he wasn’t in the pub; but also when he was).


Now ready to light the fuse and blast off, as soon as he finds the perfect crew members to get on board the thing 🚀


The Ask

Come ready to change the world - one small business owner at a time 🤘


Role title:  Finance Manager

Contract type: Permanent, full time

Reward: 56,000 PHP per month

Work pattern: Monday to Friday

12:00 to 21:00 PH time (04:00 to 13:00 GMT)

Location: Up to you :) All you'll need is a distraction-free environment with a strong internet connection

Holidays: We will respect all PH public holidays, and give 10 days of additional vacation leave per year

Additional benefits: 13th month pay paid in December (pro-rated if starting mid-year), plus a share in the profits of the business

Reporting into: Head of FinOps (PH)

Other relationships: Client Manager (UK)

Purpose of this role

As our new virtual Finance Manager you will be responsible for running the bookkeeping services that we provide to our clients, This will enable us to:


  1. Record up-to-date and accurate data in our clients’ Xero accounts

  2. Use the data to produce information and insights that enable clients to make better decisions, that can improve their results, and the value of their businesses.


Responsibilities and Outcomes

Clients’ data in Xero is complete, accurate, and up to date


You will be responsible for:

  • Reviewing the bookkeeping work that has been completed by the Finance Assistant(s) and outsourced finance team (Corient - based in India)

  • Requesting supporting documents and missing paperwork from our clients

  • Maintaining bank rules in Xero and supplier rules in Dext to speed up our workflow and increase consistency and accuracy of categorisation of transactions

  • Identify possible errors in the data using AI-like apps and tools, and correct where necessary

  • Keep clients' payroll data up to date and action changes when needed

  • Update clients' Futrli dashboards to make them as useful and relevant as possible

  • Preparing reports and analysis for our Client Manager(s)​, based on the data in Xero and other apps

  • Preparing VAT returns, annual accounts and Corporation Tax returns

  • Communicating with clients on upcoming payment due dates for taxes

  • Updating and developing our internal Operations Manual to reflect current best practice and embed consistency across all our systems and processes

New clients are onboarded efficiently, and consistently WOW’d throughout our first 90 days working with them


You will be responsible for:

  • Setting up new clients in Xero when they start working with us

  • Setting up new clients’ charts of accounts and reporting templates, so that they match the conventions we have used for our existing clients 

  • Adding bank rules and supplier rules to increase the level of speed and efficiency with which we can process the client’s transactions in future


About you

Core skills

To be considered for this role, you must be able to demonstrate these core skills:

  • Good level of English - written and spoken

  • A formal bookkeeping or accounting qualification

  • Be able to prioritise tasks and ask for more information where the outcome or process is unclear

  • Be able to follow the process notes and instructions that make up our internal systems & processes

  • Be comfortable handling confidential information and understanding the sensitive nature of some of the client data you will be working with

  • Show initiative and proactively propose solutions to problems, rather than waiting to be told what to do

Values and mindset

  • Growth Mindset - you’re on a mission to be continuously improving & learning new skills, new software / apps, and new ways of working.

  • Naturally collaborative - you’re able to partner with others to create awesome results

  • Logical brain - you can understand the flow of a process, break it down into steps, and create instructions for others to follow

  • Build relationships - you’re honest, reliable, friendly and warm with other people

  • Live above the line - you’re able to bring energy & positivity to every project and task - even when things aren’t going as expected or planned

  • Agile - you seek feedback early and change course when needed, valuing continuous improvement over delayed perfection.

Experience - career history

  • Studied for an accounting or bookkeeping qualification, or a relevant degree

  • Working in a role with a significant amount of exposure to accounting, budgeting and management reporting

  • Handling confidential information and working in compliance with data protection laws

Experience - technical

Note that full training will be provided as part of this role, but having past experience in these areas will give you a head-start, and give you the edge in the recruitment process:

  • Experience of tasks such as raising sales invoices, posting purchase invoices, matching payments to invoices, reconciling bank accounts, preparing journal entries, preparing basic financial reports, etc

  • Experience of using Xero would be advantageous, or another cloud accounting software platform (e.g. QBO)

  • Use of Dext (or other OCR-based bookkeeping software) would be advantageous

  • Experience of using cloud software platforms such as Google suite, Zoom, Slack, Trello, and Calendly

Career aspirations

You must have ambition and drive to help us create a more awesome business as we move forward.


We’re an early stage business, and so roles and responsibilities are rarely static. If you like to use your initiative and creativity, rather than wait to be told what to do, this is definitely the place for you.


This role offers you the satisfaction of seeing it grow into something bigger and successful in future. There are many ways you can grow with the company as we scale:


  • Learning how to use new apps and software in our current tech stack, and leading its expansion and evolution as we bring in more tools to make us more effective at delivering our work, and make our lives easier

  • Developing your experience of accountancy software and financial reporting, so that you can work across more of the operational strands of our business

  • Handling client communications to reduce bottlenecks in the flow of information


Our 5 stage hiring roadmap-September-2021.jpg

To become a member of our team, we have 5 stages for you to complete:

  1. Submit your CV

  2. Record a short (1-2 minute) Loom video stating how you’d meet the requirements noted above, and why you believe you’d be an awesome addition to our team

  3. A selection of questions relevant to this role to assess your technical knowledge and skills. We’ll ask you to complete a short project-like task which is similar to the ones you’ll be completing day-to-day in this role. This is an opportunity for you to show us your work, and discuss your approach at the debrief.

  4. An opportunity for us to get to know each other better, and to explore your career history in more detail. We’ll also answer your questions on the role and our organisation.

  5. A second interview with our founder Rich

To apply

Email your CV to


Thanks for reading!



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